How to measure the perfect size curtain for your window?


When it comes to choosing curtains, size is everything. The right-sized curtains will not only look good, but they’ll also function well. Too small and your curtains may not provide the coverage you desire or block out all the light you need. Too large and your beautiful drapes could end up pooling on the floor or getting lost in all that extra material. So how do you make sure you get a perfect size?

Here are some of the ideas that you use to get perfect size curtains for your window:

  • You can do this the old-fashioned way, with a fabric measuring tape, or you can live life on the cutting edge and use a modern alternative like a self-marking tape measure (seriously, this thing is amazing). One of these tools is going to give you your window measurements, usually in inches. Next, it’s time to visit your local drapery dealer and pick out some great fabrics.


  • Windows vary in size from style to style, from double hung to bay window. A bay window is a three-sided window with a large center section and two smaller side windows. It is typically covered with a valance that is attached to the back of a curtain, so you only need to measure the center section. The width of the center section needs to be included in your measurements. When measuring your windows, include any window seats and trim that may be present.


  • Remember to measure the outside of the windows. This will provide you with the curtain width that you’ll need. Then, measure your windows from top to bottom. This will provide you with the curtain height that you’ll need. For example, let’s say that you have a 52” by 74” window. Using these measurements, you would consider 52” curtains to be too short, and 84” curtains to be too long.


  • It’s best to measure each individual window you want to cover since sizes vary. Don’t forget your window treatments! You’ll need to measure those too! Once you have the measurements, use them to calculate how much fabric you need to buy. Remember, don’t forget the extra yardage needed for the double-check double check your measurements before you head out to buy your curtains.


  • It’s better to have a window a tad on the small side than overly large. Second, add four-to-six inches to your window measurement. This is the perfect size for most homes, although some homes may require larger or smaller drapes depending on the amount of natural light and privacy desired. Third, measure your curtains to ensure that they’ll be proportional with your window size. For instance, a 48 inch window should have 54 inch curtains, and so on.
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